A magical country with more than 10.000 waterfalls, many volcanoes and some of the most unique landscapes on this planet. 

Winter in Iceland stands for short days, rough weather and the Northern Lights. 

Summer in Iceland stands for the midnight sun, bird migration and incredible landscapes. 

Even though Iceland is a very popular tourist destinations, there are still many hidden gems to be explored here. I was really surprised about how few people visited some of the most incredible places while I visited. 

I did a ring road trip around Iceland in January 2023 and did a great mix of the typical tourist attractions but also some great hidden gems. I really enjoyed my time in Iceland, even though the weather was pretty crazy and really cold. 

I hope you find the below tips & blog posts helpful, in case of any questions, reach out to me on instagram!

General Information & Good To Know


Icelandic (English is spoked everywhere)


Icelandic krona (about 150 ISK is 1 EUR/USD)


generally a cold country due to it´s location in the North. Winter is known to be very cold and stormy and summer is popular for the midnight sun. You can visit Iceland during any time of the year. 


Iceland is a very safe country. People even leave their cars on while they go grocery shopping. You can feel very safe here, no matter if you are traveling in a group or by yourself.  

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