sloth in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to amazing wildlife, incredible beaches, hot springs, waterfalls and everything else you dream about for your tropical vacation!

Unfortunately, Costa Rica is also the most touristy and expensive country in Central America. Prices in the touristy areas are even higher than in most European countries, so make sure to consider that when planning your trip!

I recommend both, visiting some touristy spots (they are usually touristy and expensive for a good reason) but also taking your time and explore some of the hidden gems this country has to offer.

My very favorite “hidden gem” area in Costa Rica is called Bajos del Toro, located about 2 hours North of the capital San Jose. It is full of magical waterfalls and much less visited than most other parts of the country. Check out my detailed blog post on this paradise below.

See some helpful general information as well as more detailed blog posts to help plan your trip to this gorgeous Central American country below:

General Information & Good To Know before visiting Costa Rica


Spanish is the official language. English is mostly spoken in the more touristy areas of the country. 


Colones (560 Colones equals 1 USD), USD are also accepted in most touristy areas of the country.


It is possible to visit throughout the year. Dry season and best time to visit is from December to April.


I felt very safe throughout the country. Costa Rica is much more touristy than other countries I have visited and also safer. Sure there still are some areas (specially in the bigger cities) you want to avoid, but generally speaking Costa Rica is very safe.