Antigua, Guatemala


Guatemala – one of my favorite Central American countries.

For me, Guatemala will always be the country of volcanoes. Even though the country has so much more to offer.

It was the first time in my life to see an active volcano and it was nothing short of spectacular.

It is also home to many beautiful colonial towns, the most famous being Antigua. In my personal opinion, it is a bit overrated – too touristy and too expensive. But defintitely a pretty colonial town!

My very favorite spot in Guatemala was Lake Atitlan. The views are truly magical and I loved to swim, kayak and paddleboard on the crystal clear water of the lake.

Guatemala also has many Maya ruins, including one of the most famous in the world – Tikal.

Probably my favorite parts of my roadtrip through Guatemala: the friendly and helpful locals. Even though that is very, very similar in all Central American countries I have been to so far.

General Information & Good To Know before visiting Guatemala


Spanish is the official language. English is only spoken by some locals and upscale hotels/ restaurants. 


Guatemalan Quetzal – 1 USD/EUR  equals about 8 Quetzales. US dollars might be accepted in some areas as well, but you are definitely on the safer side with the local currency.


It is possible to visit throughout the year. Dry season and best time to visit is from November to April. Rainy season lasts from May to October. Some parts of Guatemala are located in very high altitude and temperatures can get pretty cold, so make sure to also pack some warm clothes!


I felt very safe throughout the country. Some areas are considered less safe for tourist than others. I have been reading about a couple of robberies around Lake Atitlan for example, but did not have any bad experiences myself. As always, use common sense and trust your gut and you will likely stay out of any trouble.