Pyramids of Giza in Egypt


Visiting Egypt should be on every traveler´s bucketlist!

The country has an incredible amount of ancient sites and an impressive history. The Red Sea is also amazing for swimming and great for snorkeling and diving!

Prices for everything, starting from hotels, to food, transportation are very affordable, which also makes Egypt a great place to visit for budget travelers. 

Apart from the famous places like the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, there is an insane amount of ancient temples and historic sites that are not as popular and touristic. 

You can also experience lush oases, hot springs, a nile cruise and explore the colorful Nubian villages in Aswan. 

Also, see some helpful general information as well as more detailed blog posts to help plan your trip to this gorgeous country below:

General Information & Good To Know before visiting Egypt


Arabic is the official language, but almost everyone speaks English and in touristy places even German and French is commonly spoken by hotel staff, tour operators etc. 


Egyptian Pounds (about 33 EGP = 1 EUR/ USD at the time of writing this). However the currency is fluctuating a lot lately. 

At the moment there is  also a black market for currency exchange, where you can almost get double for your Euros or US Dollars, if you have connections in Egypt. 


Great to visit all year round. Very hot in summer though. Months March to May and September to December have the best temperatures. 


I felt very safe while solo traveling through the country. The only thing that was a bit annoying was the constant hassling of vendors/ tour guides at very touristic places and markets. But a friendly but very firm “NO” usually does the trick. 

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