oaxaca Santo Domingo de Guzman church


You name it, Mexico has it: pristine beaches, lush jungle, high mountains, hot springs, amazing food, friendly locals, affordable prices and pretty towns & cities. 

It´s one of the countries I have traveled the most extensively and it has made it to my TOP 3 countries easily. Also Mexico is HUGE, you can spend months and months here and always explore new areas and things to do without getting bored anytime soon. 

Even though Mexico has gotten more and more popular to tourists over the last years, it still has a lot of great hidden gems, if you want to avoid tourist crowds and go off the beaten path!

I personally did a mix of the typical tourist destinations (Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Escondido etc.) and hidden gems & off the beaten path places. I have spent approximately 4 months in this beautiful country in early 2022, 2 months of them driving through the country and mostly car camping in my mini camper..

I hope you find the below tips & blog posts helpful, in case of any questions, reach out to me on instagram or comment on one of the blog posts!

General Information & Good To Know before visiting Mexico


Spanish (English is in my experience only spoken in very touristy areas and upscale restaurants/ hotels)


Mexican Peso – around 20 pesos for 1 USD/ 1 EUR


different weather throughout the country, dry season and from November to April


I personally felt very safe in Mexico. But it absolutely makes sense to research the areas you want to go and recent events in the country. 

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