Cayos Cochinos, Honduras


Honduras is on of the least developed and least visited Central American countries.

You will find less tourist attractions and points of interest online and on google maps. I am sure they are there, just many of them not yet accessible.

When I visited in November 2022, it was raining almost the entire time of my trip. 

November is not exactly the best month to visit, but is usually already much drier than when I visited. Bad luck!

Due to the weather, unfortunately I explored much less than I intially planned to. I am definitely wanting to give it a 2nd chance and come back during dry season at some point to explore more of H0nduras.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Honduras is the island Roatan. Roatan is visited by many cruise ships (almost) every day, so it gets really busy over there.

It´s neighbouring island Utila is popular for scuba diving. You can do the cheapest dive courses in the world on this little island. Yes, even cheaper than in Thailand. To be honest, I did not like Utila and the diving there a whole lot. 

I did however LOVE Cayos Cochinos. A real hidden gem with incredibly beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. 

General Information & Good To Know before visiting Honduras


Spanish is the official language. I did not meet many locals speaking English here, so a good opportunity to improve your Spanish skills. 


Lempira is the official currency in Honduras. 1 USD/EUR equals about 25 lempiras. 


It is possible to visit throughout the year. Dry season and best time to visit is from November to April. Rainy season lasts from May to October. Even though I visited in the end of November, it rained basically all day, every day, so don´t rely on this information 100%. 


I felt very safe throughout the country. Honduras is much less touristy and developed than other countries in Central America and is also considered more dangerous. I personally did not have a single problem and met so many very nice and helpful locals. As always, use common sense and trust your gut.