6 bucketlist experiences in Belize

Visiting Belize and looking for some incredible experiences? In this blog post I am sharing 6 incredible bucketlist experiences to have in Belize.

Check them all out and make sure to add some to your Belize to-do list. 

bucketlist experiences Belize

1. Visit the Great Blue Hole!

Probably one of the first things that come to your mind when thinking about Belize is the famous Great Blue Hole! What a bucketlist experience to see this natural wonder!

This picture-perfect blue hole in the middle of Belize´s barrier reef is one of a kind and should be on any Belize bucketlist!

I have taken a flight in a small plane over the Great Blue Hole in 2016 and it´s been magical! I also thought about going scuba diving here but I have heard many people saying that it´s not that great and you don´t even realize you are in the Blue Hole.

So best view for this bucketlist experience in Belize might be the bird eye view from high above the Great Blue hole!

Prices back then when I took this flight was about 250 USD, probably more expensive by now…

one of the best bucketlist experiences in Belize: visit the Great Blue Hole

2. Swim with sharks

Ever seen videos of people swimming in the ocean surrounded by dozens of sharks?

One option to check off this bucketlist experience in Belize is doing one of the many snorkling tours that have swimming with sharks as one of their activities. I personally did one in Caye Caulker, but can be done from many tourist spots in Belize.

I booked a last minute tour including the following for 45 USD:

  • Feeding tarpons
  • Manatee spotting
  • Snorkling and swimming with sting rays and nurse sharks

Unfortunately we were not lucky with spotting a manatee, but we got to swim with many sting rays and nurse sharks.

They feed the animals at specific spots, so they come around. So it´s not a 100% “natural” experience but still cool.

Nurse sharks are generally not considered dangerous, even though there have been some incidents in the past.

Just keep your hands on you, so they don´t mistake them for food.

snorkling excursion in Caye Caulker
bucketlist experiences in Belize: Swimming with sharks

3. Rent your own private island

An incredible bucketlist experience in Belize – renting your own private island!

There are few options out there to rent your own private island while visiting Belize.

Dreaming about having your own private island one day? When renting this private island, you can at least get a taste of what it is like to have a whole private island to yourself!

I only stayed at one – Little Peter Oasis. It´s also one of my favorite hidden gems in Belize. I stayed here as part of a collaboration and absolutely loved it!

Other private island rental options in Belize:

  • Gladden Private Island
  • Bird Island
  • Ranguana Caye
  • Little Harvest Caye
  • Cindiri Beach
  • Hideaway Caye
  • King Lewey´s
  • Kanu island
  • Lark Caye
  • Royal Belize
  • The Enclave

Renting your own private island is definitely not the cheapest vacation option out there. But if you are looking to check this bucketlist experience off, consider doing it in Belize!

one of the best hidden gems in Belize: private island rental in Belize - Little Peter Oasis

4. Climb a Maya ruin

Belize is one of the countries that still allows visitors to climb the majority of their Maya ruins. 

While more and more Maya ruins in other countries cannot be climbed anymore, this is definitely an amazing bucketlist experience to have in Belize. 

I did climb two ruins in Belize, Xuanantunich (also part of my TOP 5 hidden gems in Belize rating) as well as Altun Ha. 

The view from the highest ruin at Xunantunich is incredible and the vibe is really special and calming. 

At this ruins I came closest to imagining how Mayans lived here hundreds of years ago.

Make sure to check this experience off your bucketlist before rules get more strict in Belize regarding climbing their Maya ruins.

climbing a Maya ruin in Belize
climbing Maya ruins in Belize: 1 & 2: Xunantunich, 3 Altun Ha
on top of Xunantunich ruins
Altun Ha Ruins

5. Explore the world´s 2nd largest barrier reef

Did you know that Belize is home to the world´s 2nd largest barrier reef?

If not, make sure to add this bucketlist experience in Belize to your to-do list!

The best ways to explore the Belize barrier reef are snorkling and scuba diving.

While I did not go scuba diving while I was in Belize (I know, I already regret not taking the time), I did go snorkling on quite a few occasions.

Compared to other places in Central America and generally around the world, the coral reef here is really intact and it is a real pleasure to see that much underwater life.

From small, colorful fish to different kinds of sharks, you can find them all here in the Belize barrier reef.

I highly recommend adding this experience to your Belize bucketlist. I mean how cool is it to say that you have been snorkling or scuba diving in the world´s 2nd largest bariier reef? Pretty cool!

bucketlist experience in Belize: explore the 2nd largest barrier reef
intact coral reefs

6. Find a manatee

Those impressive animals are native to Central America & the United States and I had seeing one on my list for a long time.

Unfortunately, I was not lucky and did not end up seeing one! BUT, Belize is a great place to try your luck to find a manatee.

Word-wordly translated from German a manatee is a “sea cow”, that is also kind of how they look like.

They are found in both, sea water and fresh water.

Tours to see manatees are offered from many places in Belize. I did a snorkling tour from Caye Caulker, but I also saw options from Placencia and Hopkins.

If you love animals as much as I do and have not seen a manatee before, make sure to add finding one to your Belize bucketlist!

manatee in Belize
manatee in Belize (Photo by Maegan Luckiesh on Unsplash)

Added some of this amazing bucketlist experiences in Belize to your to-do list? I hope so!

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